Karen Tepichin, J.D.
Karen Tepichin received a B.S. in Biology and Economics from Duke University in 2002. She recently completed studies at Harvard Law School, where she served as a senior editor and member of the articles board for the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. In addition, Karen taught introductory economics at Harvard College. While working with Professor Thompson as a research assistant for the Kids Risk Project, she contributed to the first effort to characterize the commitments of Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies to children and she helped coordinate the first Kids Risk Symposium. Karen also contributed to work on quantifying content in Teen-rated video games, analyzing trends in movie ratings, and surveying health departments on bioterrorism preparedness. Karen co-authored the study on content and ratings of Mature-rated video games.


Thompson KM, Tepichin K, Haninger K. Content and ratings of mature-rated video games. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 2006; 160:402-410.

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