Kids Risk guides:

Food Insight: Managing the Risks of Eating - With the crisis of obesity and overweight kids and frequent headlines about food recalls and scares, Dr. Thompson released this guide in October 2007 to help everyone (kids and parents!) identify 10 actions to manage the risks of eating, particularly around the holidays!

Media and Kids - Tune in and check out this Kids Risk Guide on Media and Kids to get 10 essentials that will help your family make better media choices. Dr. Thompson released this guide in April 2006, when she spoke to the Congressional Caucus on Sex and Violence in the Media in Washington, DC on “Media and Kids: What’s in a Game?” See also:

Doing Our Best for Children: A Guide for Evaluating Hazard Claims and Setting Priorities - Enjoy this guide on children's risks that Dr. Thompson wrote with funding from the National Consumers League, which she released at the National Consumers League's symposium on January 12, 2000 held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on "Analyzing the Threats to Children from Consumer Products: A Symposium on Risk Assessment and Risk Communication," and make sure to check out the list of opportunities to reduce children's risks.

Health Insight: A Consumer's Guide to Taking Charge of Health Information - This guide seeks to help consumers evaluate health and scientific information and consider how the information can be used to improve their lives in what Dr. Thompson calls the Age of Risk Management, and it contains and excerpt from Dr. Thompson's book Risk in Perspective: Insight and Humor in the Age of Risk Management that Kai Ryssdal mentioned on Sound Money and Harvard Crimson mentioned. See also:

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